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Learn how Snthesis can help you maximize the impact of your research data today.

To meet the challenges of delivering the information needed to support operations and discovery, life science organizations require transformative tools for data aggregation, analysis, and information synthesis.

About Snthesis

Who we are and why we are tackling the problem of data access and communication.

Snthesis is an early stage software company building data and knowledge management tools for the life science and biodefense sector. Our platform focuses on enabling life science researchers and personnel working in biodefense to aggregate, analyze, and communicate information derived from field and research work.

After decades of working in and alongside life science research, our founding team realized that managing and making sense of data is increasingly a limiting factor in the pace of scientific discovery. Simply collecting and ensuring data meets quality standards is a challenging task; actually turning data into information that empowers research is an almost insurmountable challenge for many organizations. Seeing this fundamental gap and the successes dealing with high velocity and volume data in other industries, we knew that life science would benefit hugely from a new approach to data management and collaboration.

As a team, we are profoundly passionate about employing the best elements of software engineering, user experience design, and data science to create platforms and tools needed to solve the most pressing scientific challenges of our times. We want to work with the best in the business to solve the largest problems because none of us are satisfied with anything less than excellence.

What sets us apart for the rest

An ecosystem of groundbreaking tools requires cross-disciplinary expertise

The development of collaborative, focused tools which empower every user and deliver the right data at the right time demands a highly specialized team with the right experience and a comprehensive knowledge of the tools and techniques best suited to solve each problem.

Data Expertise

Analysis and management expertise are vital in dealing with the volume and diversity of data.


Close, continuous collaboration with scientific and business users is required from ideation to delivery

State of the art User Experience

A carefully tailored UX is key to enabling the scale of work demanded in an intuitive, information dense manner. Tools should adapt to the work at hand rather than work adapting to tooling.

Rich Domain Experience

Specialized, adaptable tools demand a dedicated team that has experience with the science at hand and with the task of managing the data at the volume and velocity demanded by modern research.