Snthesis was founded in 2018 by Emerson Huitt, a bench scientist turned research pipeline software architect. Our mission is to address the well-known but poorly-solved problem of data organization, accessibility, and discovery in the biotech industry.

After decades of working in and alongside life science research, it became clear that managing and making sense of data is increasingly a limiting factor in the pace of scientific discovery. Simply collecting data and ensuring it meets quality standards is a challenging task; actually turning data into information that empowers research is an almost insurmountable challenge for many organizations. Seeing this fundamental gap and the successes dealing with high velocity and volume data in other industries, we know that life science would benefit tremendously from a new approach to data management and collaboration.

The Snthesis culture is to employ the best elements of software engineering, user experience design, and data science to create platforms and tools that solve the most pressing scientific challenges of our times. We want to work with the best in the business to solve the biggest problems in the business.


Our mission is to make data work for scientists, rather than the other way around. Organization must be implicit, and reusability must be a given. Finding what you want must be easy. Science must never be left on the table just because the data is too unwieldy.

We believe in a better way - scientist-first, flexible, lightweight.

The development of collaborative, focused tools which empower every user and deliver the right data at the right time demands a highly specialized team. We have the right experience to deliver solutions based on comprehensive knowledge of the technology and techniques best suited to solve each problem. The challenges facing researchers are deeply familiar to us, and we are passionate about making science faster.

Data Expertise

When dealing with the volume and diversity of data created in biotech research today, expertise in data analysis and management are crucial. Our team has built powerful tools that drive enormous research efforts across the industry - from vaccine development to agricultural biotech.

Modern User Experience

A carefully tailored user experience is key to enabling the scale of work demanded by today’s research environments. Our intuitive and information-dense UI adapts to the work at hand, enabling users to operate on their research with maximum efficiency and productivity.

Rich Domain Experience

Our approach to managing and categorizing scientific data is driven by our rich and varied experience in both the biotech and software industries. As scientists, we’ve felt firsthand the frustration of curating and utilizing assay and sequencing data sets. As research pipeline software architects, we’ve built tools to tackle these problems at industrial scale. These unique combined insights allow us to create a system that accelerates scientific progress and succeeds where traditional approaches break down.


From the purchasing decision through the support phase of each project, close and continuous collaboration with scientific and business users is critical. We have successfully worked with teams to transform life science and biotechnology organizations ranging from academic labs to Fortune 500 research groups. Applying our unique technical expertise and understanding of science allows us to deliver novel solutions that blend seamlessly with the way researchers work with one another.

And let us show you how Snthesis can free you to do more with your data.